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This is not a public store, rather a storage warehouse for our extensive inventory. 

What we offer at this location is a chance to let YOU schedule a time to walk through our warehouse.  

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Click on the video to see an overhead view of our stocked shelves. We have many other sections as well!

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Barter like a Barbarian....No, Wait.... a Monkey!

We embrace the barter ideology and believe that trading for mutual benefit is the most effective way to acquire products and conduct business. 


Grab the deals while they are available!

We have a wide variety of used goods and furniture, home decor and other housewares. 

Get it in here,  you will love how this works. 


We make the best deals around.

 We acquire a large amount of home decor, furniture and housewares. 

This means we strive to move a large amount of inventory quickly, which means you (yes YOU) get great deal on all these unique items and wares.

Come on down and let's make a deal and develop a buyer-seller relationship. 

About the Junk Monkeys!!!

We sell stuff, all sorts of stuff

If you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist, because we have everything.

We've got it. You buy it.

Inventory Listings

Items are listed by the particular category with attention given to the seasonal nature of certain items.  

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